Christmas is a magical time of the year. However, some people are nervous about the holiday season after bariatric surgery.

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There is no need to afraid of the holiday with these healthy tips to make your Christmas meal agreeable for you after surgery.

  • Eat your protein first at your Christmas dinner.

    We always want to do this at every meal and snack after bariatric surgery. Savor that delicious turkey or ham and it should fill you up quickly so you’re not tempted with the other items on the menu that might not be very healthy.

  • Make sure avoid adding excess sugar and fat to our holiday favorites.

    Keep in mind that large quantities of sugar and fat are not typically tolerated well after bariatric surgery and could cause dumping syndrome even on Christmas day. Replace half the sugar in baked goods with Splenda. Use a low fat margarine or use applesauce instead of oil when baking. With these small changes you will still have a wonderful dish that your entire family will enjoy.

  • Holidays are “Days” too.

    Christmas is just a regular day when it comes to eating. Remember that just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean we can eat whatever we want without consequence of nausea, vomiting or dumping syndrome. So make the main focus of your Christmas about the special time spent with family and friends, not the food from that day.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our Staff!

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