Christmas poses many challenges for the skin and whilst it's important to enjoy the festivities, we shouldn't over look our skincare regime.

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Christmas is a time to relax and enjoy yourself and with a few clever tricks it’s possible to enjoy fabulous skin without holding back this season.

Health and wellness specialists Arbonne shares its top tips for improving your daily skincare routine, to keep your skin looking flawless this festive season.

Turn down the temperature in the shower

This Christmas when it’s cold outside, resist the temptation to have an extra hot shower. Although warm and inviting on a cold morning, long hot showers are drying and can strip the skin of its natural oils. Try to stick to a maximum of ten minutes and use an ultra-hydrating body wash containing nourishing oils, which will help prevent moisture loss. Replace any moisture lost when the skin is wet, as it acts as a sponge, meaning it is better for absorbing and retaining liquids, we recommend moisturising as soon as you are out the shower, helping to lock in that extra soft feeling.

Hide those sleepy eyes

During the festive period we tend to have late nights and early starts. So in order to hide those bag’s under the eyes and wrinkles the next day, we recommend using products containing collagen supporting ingredients. Collagen is a protein found in the skin, which promotes elasticity and nourishes the cells – preventing wrinkles and signs of fatigue, while plumping the skin up, to keep it looking radiant.

Combat the effects of alcohol

The alcohol in our favourite festive drinks acts as a diuretic, which increases fluid loss and can lead to dehydration. So instead of turning down a mulled wine or holding back at this year’s office party, try to drink water and herbal tea where possible, to minimise the drying effects. A good daily exfoliator will also remove dead skin cells and promote the re-growth of newer, more youthful cells, which will lock in moisture for longer and keep you looking fresh faced for Christmas Day.

Protect the skin from sugars

Whether it’s stocking filler chocolates or the sweet temptation of a mince pie, to avoid break-outs there are a few things you can do to combat the effects of sugar on your skin. Sugar increases inflammations so using products which are designed to reduce redness are a great solution for those with a sweet tooth. It is important to stick to cleansers that remove excess oils, brought on through excess sugar in the body, and allow the skin to breathe.

Step up your skincare at night

A major contributor to dry skin at Christmas time is central heating. Combat the drying effects of central heating by turning it down when you go to bed. Dry indoor air not only makes the skin feel uncomfortable, but can lead to a more aged appearance. Using an intensive moisturiser in the evening will allow skin to regain moisture loss when you sleep.

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