Aesthetic Surgery

Appearance is more than that, it can restore confidence and greatly improve quality of life. With this in mind, our team offers a wide range of cosmetic surgeries; Each of these procedures has unique features and benefits and should be carefully considered before making a decision.

At Be Medical Services we accompany you throughout your process. We make sure your experience with us is positive before, during and after your procedure by offering advice and support.

Your journey to the new you doesn’t start or end with the procedure that works best for you. The process begins with making what can be a difficult decision and continues with life changes after the procedure.

As a team we always seek to update ourselves and have first-class facilities to provide you with the best possible care, Dr. Frayre will be very happy to help and support you during this process.

Think you are candidate? Fill our medical form

The first step after contacting us is to schedule a preoperative assessment with Dr. Frayre to talk about your expectations and the procedures you wish to undergo, as well as for the doctor to assess whether you are a candidate and make the recommendations he deems necessary.

You will be given a quote that includes:

  • Face-to-face Consultation
  • Preoperative Studies and Electrocardiogram
  • Hospitalization
  • Medical Fees
  • 5 Postoperative Massages
  • 2 Hyperbaric Chambers
  • Follow-up Inquiries

At Be Medical Services, we have a fixed price policy for your “QUOTE”. This means that the price of your procedure, given in writing with Dr. Frayre, will not change once you book your surgery with us. There are no surprises or hidden fees.

The price will only be able to change if you want to add extras such as: