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There Are Instances Where Revision Weight Loss Surgery Is Required.

This revision eitherfixes the issue with the surgery or requires aconversion to another weight loss procedure. Revisionary surgical procedures are complex and highly individualized. The risks are much greater than a primary operation, but the benefits could be much greater as well.

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What exactly is Revision Surgery?

As the name implies, this surgery would revise in some way your first surgery. Revision surgery may be considered when a problem occurs that is directly related to the first weight loss surgery.You had your weight loss surgery, and things were going pretty well. The weight was coming off and you were feeling better than you had before. But then something happened – you had a problem with the original surgery or you just couldn’t lose any more weight.

How do I know if I am Candidate?

You might also need a revision if you are experiencing complications of the primary operation such as diarrhea, malnutrition, unexplained abdominal pain or ulcers. Many times, with the proper treatment and follow-up, we can avoid another operation. But if it’s necessary, we can perform revisionary procedures laparoscopically, even if your first operation was done open, with a large incision.

A failed weight loss procedure can be defined as one that has resulted in:

  • Less than 50% loss of the expected weight loss
  • Weight loss followed by partial or total regain
  • An intolerance to normal/solid foods
  • Signs that the overall quality of life is diminishing
  • Additional health issues caused by the procedure

What Are The Benefits Of This Surgery?

Revisionary surgical procedures are complex and highly individualized. The risks are much greater than a primary operation, but the benefits could be much greater as well.

What tests or formats should I perform before the surgery?

The first step is to fill out our medical questionnaire, our coordinator will contact you as soon as possible to talk about your case and if it is necessary to perform a test to make the evaluation correctly. If you are not a candidate for this surgery, our doctors will make the most appropriate recommendations to take care of your health and well-being.

You must also be able to handle the physical stress of surgery. Some people have health complications that make major surgery very risky. In some cases, these complications stem from obesity itself, and some initial weight loss can improve the health of the patient enough for surgery.

Psychological readiness is another important factor. Gastric sleeve entails a series of dramatic lifestyle changes, which can be stressful or cause unexpected reactions. Having the right attitude toward food, exercise, and health is important.

If a test is necessary, the doctor will let you know in the medical evaluation, as well as the diet that should follow.

What doctors will perform my surgery?

Our medical team is made up of Dr. Jaime Ponce de León, Dr. Frayre, Dra. Denisse Cueva and Dr. Jesús Sánchez. All with good experience so you can be sure of being in very good hands. We also have our coordinator Ana Cristina, who will accompany you before, during and after your procedure, to support you in doubts, formats, payments, your trip and everything that entails as a hotel, transport from the airport to where you need, as well as visit at the hotel to support you.

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If you are thinking of doing this surgery please contact us, it is necessary to make a valuation to know if this is the surgery indicated for you, you can send us a contact form and we will answer you. If you want to talk with our coordinator call to 619 213 8044, or send us an email


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