What is Facetite?

An advanced contouring technology designed for facial and small body areas. FaceTite is minimally invasive, and the next best alternative to a facelift. FaceTite works safely in the sub-dermal plane using RF technology to contract and contour tissue through coagulation.

Key Benefits

  • Directional thermal field provides fat coagulation and tissue remodeling.
  • Dual temperature sensors provides greater safety and control compared to other technologies.
  • 100% energy concentration in the treatment zone.

What can you threat?

Facial Remodeling

FaceTite allows physicians to work safely in the sub-dermal plane.

Skin Contraction

Deliver exceptional far coagulation and skin contraction without excisional surgery.

Small Areas of the Body

A safe and highly effective treatment designed specifically to coagulate fat and contract small body areas.