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If you need a closer coordinator to help you out with the process of coming to Tijuana and help you with all the questions you need, don’t worry we’ve got you covered, here are some of our local coordinators that might be close to you.

Area: California
Coordinator: Blanca Cortez Send Email Coordinator: Erika Martinez Send Email Coordinator: Melissa Méndez Send Email
Area: Texas
Coordinator: Tina Harbers Send Email Coordinator: Blanca Wilkins Send Email Coordinator: Jennefer Alegria Send Email
Area: Las Vegas
Coordinator: Carla Terán Send Email Coordinator: Kassandra Send Email Coordinator: Jani Cabarocas Send Email
Area: Louisiana
Coordinator: Dedria Givens Send Email
Area: New Jersey
Coordinator: Alba España Send Email
Area: Washington
Coordinator: Erika Martinez Send Email
Area: Michoacán
Coordinator: Stephanie (Barbie Dolls) Send Email
Area: Tijuana
Coordinator: Ana Cristina Send Email