Infra Therapy Capsule

Infra Therapy Capsule

infra-therapy is perhaps the safest and most energy efficient style of sauna available on the market. It is believed that they are able to penetrate moisture more deeply into the skin than traditional steam saunas, and some say that this endows extra detoxifying properties to these far infra-therapies.

Aching muscles and joints can be soothed, skin conditions can be improved, blood circulation is improved, and the relaxation achieved in a bathroom infra-therapy can help stress levels and blood pressure.


Anyone who had experienced an infra-therapy before will no doubt notice the overall good feeling the sauna provides. There are tremendous health benefits besides the good feeling if you use an infra-therapy on a regular basis.
Infra-therapy is often used to treat muscular pain, sports injuries, rheumatoid arthritis and many other ailments.

It is a safe and gentle form of radiation, and research has shown that this type of radiation is most important to the human body because of its therapeutic and tissue regenerative properties.

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An Infra therapy treatments lasts 45 minutes and you will burn up to 600 calories.

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Ideal for thinning down
Soother arthritis, fibromyalgy and rheumatism
Eliminates Toxines
Calms Down Muscular Pains
Helps reduce Cellulite
Activate Blood Circulation