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Importance of Pedicure in Tijuana

By October 25, 2022No Comments

There’s nothing more tragic than looking down at your feet while sporting a cute pair of open-toed sandals and noticing unsightly dry heels, ingrown toenails and chipped nail polish. Damaged and poorly kept feet, particularly during the spring and summer, are a major no-no. Pedicures are not just for aesthetic appeal as most think. They help prevent a lot of the feet-related issues we try so hard to avoid. Check out why regular pedicures are actually a great investment of time and money for your health and happiness.

It’s Not Just a Girl Thing

Pedicures aren’t only a luxury and not just for girls. They are part of a healthy skincare regimen that could prevent some nasty ailments that generally lead to a visit to your podiatrist. Pedicures target the entire foot, from heel to toe, and are a great way to prevent ingrown toenails, corns and calluses. For men and women, pedicures can help avoid foot problems. The fact that they make your feet feel soft and look great is just an extra bonus!

Promoting Circulation and Relaxation

The best part of a pedicure is the massage. Not only does it feel amazing, it does wonders for tired feet. Massaging promotes circulation and relieves tension in the feet and calves. When your feet feel better, you feel better. Foot massages are an incredibly stress relieving and therapeutic experience.

How Often Should You Get a Pedi?

There isn’t always time or money to maintain a habit of regular pedicures, but that’s why home pedicures are just as important. To ensure healthy and clean feet, pedicures should be scheduled every two weeks, or at least once a month. If you skip your salon visit, opt for an at-home pedicure!

Schedule Your Pedicure

Make sure your feet look great and healthy throughout the spring and summer at Be Medical Services,  Schedule yours today!

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