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Trending Cosmetic Procedures For Men

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Discover what they consist of, their benefits and when to apply them.

PRP/Natural Regenerative

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. What does it provide us? This technique improves alopecia, especially that which corresponds to the androgenetic type, favoring blood circulation and the regeneration of the subcutaneous tissue in which the hair follicle grows.

To obtain capillary PRP, the patient’s own blood is extracted, which is later centrifuged to obtain a plasma rich in growth factors and platelets. The results are usually evident after the second or third session. With the application of PRP we achieve the stimulation of the formation of hyaluronic acid and elastin. In this way, we manage to vascularize the hair follicle and promote hair regeneration.

SUMMARY: PRP, short for Platelet Rich Plasma, is a treatment used to regenerate hair follicles or hair roots. It is especially useful in cases of massive hair loss or in situations where there is a deterioration in hair quality. We can also use it on the face, neck or hands to improve its appearance.

Varicose veins/Sclerotherapy

Varicose veins are also a thing for Men, 35% of those affected, tend to go to the doctor late
Varicose veins in men are caused by alteration of the valvular apparatus, either by congenital malformation (when born without valves) or valvular injury, and by vasodilation (increased caliber of the veins). The most frequent is the serpiginous type, in which the dilation of the vein is joined by an increase in length. They are more complicated than those of women and immediately appear eczema, pigmentation, atrophy, venous rupture or varicose thrombosis.

Foam sclerotherapy is a non-surgical technique that has been a great advance in the treatment of dilated varicose veins. It consists of injecting a gaseous solution that adheres to the walls, closes and heals the varicose vein. In finer varicose veins, cryosclerosis is used, in which substances are introduced at minus 42 degrees Celsius, which destroy the cells of the inner wall of the veins.

Wart Removal

Common warts are small, granular lumps on the skin that most often appear on the fingers or hands. To eliminate them, the electrocautery method is used, which is a safe procedure that uses a probe with electric current to cauterize or destroy the tissue, at the same time that it cauterizes and seals the blood vessels.

  • Takes little time
  • Little chance of scar
  • little bleeding
  • It does not require much care after the procedure.
  • At Be Medical Services we work on the removal of warts per session, that is, in one session all possible warts will be removed, sometimes more sessions will be necessary.

IV serum therapy

It is based on the intravenous application of personalized serums according to the objectives of each patient, for example to improve physical appearance, well-being and prevent diseases. It is done through intravenous application, that is, incorporating the personalized serum into the blood flow directly.

At Be Medical Services we have: Be Charged (Athletes with muscle pain or who need an energy boost), Be Renewed (Hangovers, jetlag), Be Glow (To have brighter skin), Be Healthy (Strengthens the immune system, colds ) and Be ready (Prepare your body before surgery, bring iron).

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